(tea ceremony)

A tea ceremony set is placed in our guest rooms so that even guests who have never participated in a tea ceremony before can readily enjoy Japanese tea.
Please feel free to enjoy a cup enfolded in the silence of the space.
Shirafuji can be used to experience the Omotesenke tea ceremony or for tea ceremony gatherings.
Please inquire for details.

(Japanese calligraphy)

In the soothingly quiet time you spend at Shirafuji, experience the ancient Japanese tradition of using a brush and ink to write on a pure white sheet of paper.

Kimono dressing and rental
(Additional charge)

Wearing a kimono and walking the streets is aptly suited to Suzaka, where Japanese homes that tell of the prosperity experienced there from the late Meiji period into the Showa era line the streets.
Take commemorative photos in kimono and of the charming scenery around the town.
Why not try wearing kimono while enjoying a meal at Notochu?

(Additional charge)

To soothe both your body and soul, there are oil massage and foot massage options available in the bedrooms of the Western-style annex.
Enfold yourself in the serenity of Shirafuji, and enjoy a blissful moment in time.
We recommend making a reservation in advance.
Please inquire for details.