About the evening meal

We offer three dinner options.
Dine on a Japanese course using locally-grown Nagano ingredients, or dine on a French and Italian fusion full-course meal in the dining room of Shirafuji.
OR eat at the luxurious Japanese ryotei, Notochu, located just near Shirafuji.
Every courses feature dishes prepared with the freshest, seasonal ingredients grown in Suzaka and Nagano Prefecture.

Shirafuji's homegrown cuisine

Enjoy the unique flavors of home cooking that can only be found here in a course that incorporates local dishes often eaten in homes in Nagano.
Finish the meal with sun-dried white rice grown locally.
The miso soup uses locally-manufactured Suzaka misofrom a miso brewery that have been in use for 200 years.
All of the dishes feature richly-flavored ingredients grown in Suzaka.

Enjoy Western cuisine in a Japanese space

Enjoy a fusion of French and Italian cuisine in a full-course meal specially prepared for Shirafuji guests in the dining room of the Japanese residence of Shirafuji.
This full-course meal features dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal locally-grown ingredients from Suzaka and Nagano.
Take your time and enjoy your meal in a special space all to yourself.

Kaiseki-ryori Notochu

Established in Meiji 15 (1882)
This fine dining establishment has been a fixture in Suzaka throughout the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras witnessing firsthand the prosperity of Suzaka's silk industry.
At the long-established Notochu, located in Suzaka, enjoy a special kaiseki-ryori meal.
As an additional option, you can dress in kimono to enjoy your meal.
Wear a kimono in the silk producing town of Suzaka and step out to enjoy a meal at an historical Japanese ryotei.

Handmade OYAKI, a local Nagano specialty

We will prepare "oyaki," a local Nagano dish.
One of our staff members, born and raised in Chikuma city, prepares the oyaki by hand made from wheat grown on the family's farm.
The dish does not use any meat or fish, which means vegetarians can also enjoy the dish.
We hope you enjoy our peaceful and plentiful Shirafuji breakfast.


  • Wine

    Suzaka is proud of its local winery, Kusunoki Winery.
    Kusunoki Winery's "Hitakihara" wine pairs perfectly with the Western course.

  • Japanese sake

    Endo Shuzo is a sake brewery located two doors down from Shirafuji.
    We recommend their "Naotora" sake named for the lord of the Suzaka domain.

  • Beer

    Tamamura Honten is a beer produced in Nagano's Shiga Kogen highlands.
    The popular Shiga Kogen Pale Ale, IPA, and porter are available for your enjoyment.