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    Is smoking prohibited on the facilities?
    Smoking is prohibited everywhere within the estate.
    Is there an onsen (hot springs) on site?
    There is no onsen on site, but you can enjoy a sake lees bath in the dedicated bath with sake lees from the local sake brewery, Endo Shuzo.
    Please tell me about where dinner is served.
    For guests who reserve a one-night stay with two meals, we will contact you two weeks prior to the date of your reservation.
    At that time, we will ask whether you prefer to eat at an affiliated neighboring restaurant or at the estate itself, and you will be able to ask in detail about the meals and make your choice.
    Please understand that for reservations of five people or more, meals can only be provided at a neighboring affiliated restaurant.
    Can I bring my pet?
    We are very sorry, but Shirafuji is a nationally registered tangible cultural property. Pets, other than guide dogs, are prohibited on the premises by order of Suzaka City, owner of the property. Please accept our sincere apologies.
    There are pet hotels nearby which we can provide information for if you wish. ?