Experience ancient Japan firsthand

Built 150 years ago, Shirafuji estate is now a nationally registered cultural property.
The Japanese-style living quarters and Western-style annex,

where your time belongs to you alone, are limited to one group of guests per night.
So that we may continue to preserve these 100-year-old buildings for the next 100 years and beyond, the buildings have been restored to their former grandiosity, providing our guests with the thoroughly unique experience of how the affluent lived in ancient Japan in an atmosphere of splendor, perfect for soothing the soul.
The refined and unadorned Suzaka culture and traditions from the time of the ancient Suzaka Doman that further evolved into prosperity during the Meiji era, are here for you to enjoy to your heart's content at Shirafuji.

Suzaka Shirafuji Bespoke Estate Experience